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Association for supporting innovations and sustainable development “IMPULS” (NGO IMPULS) was legally registered in 2014, as a non-profit organization, founded by the group of professors and researchers specializing in sustainable development on a multidimensional basis, including the European integration process of Moldova.

NGO IMPULS today is an association of about 90 individual and collective members from all European Eastern Neighborhood Countries and Russia that are incorporated in its Network. In Moldova, NGO IMPULS Network is uniting HEIs-research institutions-civil society organizations and entrepreneurial sector. Staff members of NGO IMPULS are regularly engaged in consulting, teaching, research, expertise services, education and training programmes.


The priority areas for our organization are:

● Education ● Entrepreneurship ● Innovation and technology transfer ● Environment ● Agriculture ● Infrastructure development


We are a multinational team, which includes experts with different cultural and professional backgrounds, representing different age categories from recent graduates to experienced project managers, but united by an idea of promoting sustainable change, connecting people and countries.

Moreover, our unique global vision of the inter-connection between the different fields of society, plus our continuous observation of the ongoing changes, makes “Implus” an innovative organization and tool to afford the upcoming societal challenges and changes.


The mission of NGO “Impuls” is to support sustainable development in the priority areas of:

● society and state and to support the education development ● competitiveness and entrepreneurship ● scientific research ● innovation and technological transfer

Basically in the Republic of Moldova, in line with international standards, by stimulating the potential of civil society, the educational, cultural, tourist, ecological promotion, etc., by improving the quality of life, according the Millennial Development Goals.