Study Visit at VIVES University of Applied Sciences in the framework of SMART project

Study visit at the Vives University of Applied Sciences

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On November 18-22, 2019 a three-day workshop and study visits were held at the VIVES University of Applied Sciences within the framework of Erasmus+ KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education Fostering University-Enterprise Cooperation and Entrepreneurship of Students via SMART Cafes (SMART) project.

The Consortium members made several visits and addressed topics, meant to ensure successful implementation of the project:

– Visit to the Kortrijk Hangar K incubator, which offers spaces for start-ups and young entrepreneurs. The emphasis is put on geographical location (close to the train station, national route, etc.). The arrangement is mobile: the sockets can be placed where necessary, the tables can be arranged as needed, the separation of the space is done with the help of curtains. Partners who contributed to the opening of the incubator: the city (city hall), non-profit organizations, innovative corporations, universities and colleges, accelerators. The purpose of the incubator lies in ensuring the transfer of technologies; organizing trainings, offering free coaching programs for young entrepreneurs, etc .;

– Visit to MAACLAB – VIVES business incubator, which functions as a center of expertise, because it has special equipment in the mentioned fields. The VIVES Innovation Center organizes free entrepreneurship courses for students and offers student certificates to entrepreneurs. The basic idea is to develop a business plan for your own business idea, which is equivalent to a bachelor’s thesis. In addition, various events, trainings, meetings, study visits are organized;

– Presentation by partners of the impact of the SMART project for each institution;

– Visit to the Bruges incubator, presentation of how Bruges supports young entrepreneurs;

– Presentation of good practices / successful practices:

Turbo. The motto for TURBO – quick tracking of your idea. The goal: to stimulate the local entrepreneurial spirit and support for young people (18-25 years old) in your city. How: identifying an ecosystem between all actors working in the city together with young entrepreneurs (minimum partners: 2 higher education institutions and a youth organization).

De Republiek of Brugges. The motto: for a better city. It is based on the activity of 3 components:

  • the cafe as a meeting point in the city;
  • connecting the infrastructure platform and creating a cultural space;
  • incubator for innovative and creative projects.

Take of ANtewrp_Fueling entrepreneurship, which is highlighted by:

  • increased trust in the ecosystem;
  • there is enthusiasm and the need to change the city;
  • urges other companies to collaborate;
  • experiential learning.

Kavca, characterized by:

  • supporting young entrepreneurs;
  • organizing workshops, which facilitates the selection of 100 young people who develop their business idea for 3 months, after which only 20 very good ideas are selected that have a chance to succeed and are explored for another 10 months. Of these 20 ideas, about 5 – 10 ideas are viable and are mentored along the way, etc.

The SMART project was applied in 2017 to the project competition of the Erasmus + program, K2, Capacity Building in Higher Education. The project is coordinated by the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Greece.

More details about the SMART project can be found on the official project page